Lightning Detection FunkBunk Style!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

With the summer storms well and truly upon us, don’t you wish you could avoid the flash flood soaking and just stay indoors the 30 seconds it takes for the storm to pass?

Well in a true ‘show n tell’ style resident FunkBunker Gary Loosley of SIGA Vision bought in his latest project, the Lightning Detector Mk5! This amazing looking contraption can pick up lightning strikes happening up to 300 miles away and display the strength of the strike and direction it is in. So avoid getting frazzled and don’t go out without checking it first!

Gary Loosley - Lightning Detector 01

Gary designed and built the device from the ground up and has an LCD display planned for Mk6 which will show the approximate distance to the strike in miles and further information on the lighting strength. Google Map showing the strikes coming soon?

Gary’s News Flash – Episode 2

Monday, March 8th, 2010


More news from around the globe (that you probably wont ready anywhere else) from the ‘Bunks resident news hound – Mr Gary…

About 5,200 naked people embraced each other on the steps of Sydney’s iconic Opera House on Monday

Yellowstone Park Attempts To Increase Ranger Population With New Mating Program

Amazing X-ray: Boy survives rod ripping through 10 vital organs;channelId=home/getArticle.jsp?in_article_id=815041

Strike wave sends oil price soaring

Gaddafi calls for jihad against Switzerland over minaret ban

Boozy chimp sent to rehab

Lady GaGa Has Told Her Female Fans To Be Celibate. Is It Any of Her Business?

Second anthrax case confirmed in London

Massive Antarctic iceberg threatens ocean circulation

‘Record high’ for bad bank debts

Bishops slam pay-to-confess hotline

Chile quake may have tipped Earth’s axis

Re-trial for ‘speeding’ reverend

9-Pound Infant Barrels Way Down Birth Canal

Dutch anti-Islam MP in poll gains

Now it’s the MK ‘road tax’

Protests could be coming to Aylesbury soon

Child’s play at NY airport sparks investigation

Mexico detects first mutation of swine flu

Gary’s News Flash – Episode 1

Friday, February 26th, 2010

18002_1MurrowCBS.jpgGary is a resident at FunkBunk and regularly keeps us all entertained with news of local and international origin. The kind of stories that never get shown on TV and only make the smallest of columns in the local rags.

We asked Gary if he could give us a quick digest of his stories of the week – so here goes the first installment of ‘Gary’s News Flash’!

Nursery children opposite brothel in Bletchley

UFO spotted above Tesco in Aylesbury

Rough diamond sells for $40m

Church sues filmmakers for destroying Rio’s Christ

Giant iceberg breaks off from Antarctic glacier

Explosive vomit and skin eruptions: arsenic’s heyday

Did Saddam Hussein model himself on Darth Vader?

Star fattens planet and then devours it

Vindaloo Against Violence Day declared at Qld Parliament

Speeding hearse sets world record

Pastor screens gay porn in church

Pensioner guilty of Boy Scouts hammer threats

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