Sick of doing the Starbucks Shuffle

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

siliconroundabout_scanThis weekend past, I read an article in the newspaper about the recent sale of Tweetdeck to Twitter for a deal worth $40 million. One of the things that enabled Tweetdeck as a business to get to this position was the collective consciousness they had from sharing a building with bunch of other entrepreneurs.

It meant that they were able to share in the buzz, the atmosphere and the collective business and creative experience of all the other individuals in that space. The space became known as the Silicon Roundabout and has become an attractive proposition for investors from Silicon Valley looking for a UK base.

We’re not saying that we are the next Silicon Roundabout but every resident at FunkBunk benefits from being part of a collective that is stronger than it’s individuals alone. I hear ideas being discussed everyday that have the potential to be the next Tweetdeck. Just by working in the same space there is inspiration all around and the resource to make the ideas come to life.

For those sick of shuffling from coffee shop to coffee shop, struggling to get a wi-fi connection, working in isolation and struggling to kickstart their ideas, places like FunkBunk are definitely the way forward.

The article from the Guardian is well worth a read. Check it out here.

What is Coworking? Video

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

What is coworking we hear you all cry! Well maybe not cry, but we do get asked this question a fair bit. The simple answer is: Working with others in a space like a workhub. Somewhere just like FunkBunk.

But why take our word for it? The clever guys at Coworking Toronto have come up with this great cartoon that explains it pretty much perfectly. Go for it Paul and Sandra!

Business Blossoming at the Bunk

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Business Blossoming at FunkBunk

Blimey its spring already and I have yet again neglected our blog. I did somehow manage to find five minutes to write one for the WorkHubs website so if you fancy reading that click here. Also had 2 minutes early this morning to photograph the amazing blossom that is on the trees next to our entrance. Click here for a large version of the pic.

Business has also been blossoming in the Bunk so far in 2011. FunkBunk residents Hallway Studios and Purity Productions have both expanded employing more staff, taking more desks and bringing with them a great vibrant feel to the studios here. FunkBunk also welcomes two new full time additions to the open plan co-working space:


Graphic Designer, Stu Bradley has chosen FunkBunk as his base of operations for his design business BobbyFlash. Stu has been flat out since arriving and is already working on new and exciting projects with fellow FunkBunkers Purity.


DGS Construction are a sustainable homes, renovation and building project firm who work throughout the UK on pioneering and exciting construction projects. Matt Stewart has chosen the environment here at FunkBunk to base the office side of their business from, and we are very happy to have him on board!

FunkBunk founders Provide Design and early residents SIGA Vision continue to go from strength to strength with signs looking great for the rest of 2011.

With all this work, there barely seems to be time to blog, but with the lighter days and warmer weather may come renewed writing ability!



Meeting Room Glass

Monday, January 24th, 2011

We blogged some time ago with some design ideas for the glass on our new meeting room at FunkBunk. Your opinions were unanimous and the colourful design #1 was the option preferred by everyone.

It did present some printing challenges though as high quality print on to frosted vinyl is a fairly specialist activity. Our suppliers pulled through in fine style though and colourful privacy can now be had when taking part in meetings at the ‘Bunk.

We are currently working on some virtual office packages for those wishing to use FunkBunk as a business base on paper. Some of these packages will include use of the meeting room, as it is the perfect place to bring your clients. As soon as we have all the details together we will post them up here.

FunkBunk Meeting Room, Leighton Buzzard

FunkBunk Meeting Room, Village of Wing

Getting the decs out… and other news

Monday, December 6th, 2010

FunkBunk Decorations

Well the Christmas tree is up….

Just kidding, although this awesome tree we received as an early Christmas card kicks of the seasonal decorations at FunkBunk, not be outdone by Purity Productions in the room next door we have a something special planned for our tree.

In other news, 02 and Vodafone users at FunkBunk are soon to be getting a major boost in the their mobile signal strength. All things going to plan, our new internal transmitter should mean no flaky signal for 02 users when inside the building.

Also, a couple of local business men have made their new years resolutions early and said they will be joining us full time at FunkBunk in January. We will post more info on these two businesses in the new year but we are looking forward to having them here and excited to see how they use the ‘Bunk to propel their businesses forward.

Our new advert

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Every time I’m at a networking event of any type I always bump into people who say “Yeah I’ve heard of FunkBunk!” which is great considering we’ve never placed an advert before. We now want everyone we bump into to say they’ve heard of us so keep an eye out in your local press for adverts that look this. The adverts will feature a code on them which will make you eligible for a nice 10% discount on our services.

Keep an eye out for ‘pajama boy’ in your local parish magazines, newsletters and newspapers.


Download a PDF of the Local Advert for Wing, Stewkley, Cublington, Wingrave, Newton Longville, Mentmore and Aston Abbots

Gary’s News Flash – Episode 1

Friday, February 26th, 2010

18002_1MurrowCBS.jpgGary is a resident at FunkBunk and regularly keeps us all entertained with news of local and international origin. The kind of stories that never get shown on TV and only make the smallest of columns in the local rags.

We asked Gary if he could give us a quick digest of his stories of the week – so here goes the first installment of ‘Gary’s News Flash’!

Nursery children opposite brothel in Bletchley

UFO spotted above Tesco in Aylesbury

Rough diamond sells for $40m

Church sues filmmakers for destroying Rio’s Christ

Giant iceberg breaks off from Antarctic glacier

Explosive vomit and skin eruptions: arsenic’s heyday

Did Saddam Hussein model himself on Darth Vader?

Star fattens planet and then devours it

Vindaloo Against Violence Day declared at Qld Parliament

Speeding hearse sets world record

Pastor screens gay porn in church

Pensioner guilty of Boy Scouts hammer threats

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